The Art of Being Your Voice

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What Competition?

What if competition wasn't real?  What if you got out of your head?  Competition is a joy, fun & happiness killer!  Your past is not relevant to today! 

Join Eena, Carolyn & Christopher as they chat about competition and creating a life without it! 


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Normal or Anomaly?

What if trying to fit you, the square peg into the round peg hole, was not required anymore?  What if being you, the anomaly walking was the gift that the world is searching for? 

Join Eena Basur & Carolyn Sinclair as they discuss the Right Voice for You tools and how they embraced being themselves. 

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Being the Difference You Be

What if the Difference you Be is what the world requires?  Join Eena Basur and Marlynn Bourque as they discuss what being the difference they are has created in there lives!  

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Does Making Others Happy Include You?

Join Eena Basur & Laleh Hancock as they share some Right Voice for You tools on how to include you and your happiness in your life!  

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Showing Up Without Apology

What if you could Be You without apology?  

What uniqueness are you that you have never acknowledged? 

Join Eena Basur & Huan Xu as they discuss how Right Voice for You contributes to showing up without apology. 

What if you were willing to go beyond judgment and choose what works for you? 

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Your Voice with Family

Is your family a place where you don't have your voice?  What if there was something else that was possible?  

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26-28 July, With Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer

Access Speciality Programs

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Creating With Your Body

Join Eena Basur & Andrew Gardella as they chat about what actually occurs with and for your body at a Right Voice for You 3 Day Class! What if you could start including your voice and your body in the creation of your life?  

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How to be Bold when You’re Shy!

What if the world requires you to step up and step out?  What you know and you being you is what the world requires, Join Eena & Smriti as they chat about choosing to be bold when you are shy!  

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Giving Voice to Futures You Know Possible

Are you looking to create more, create greater future, and sustainable living on planet Earth? 

What if the planet doesn't require to be saved? 

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What if the Right Voice for You is the one you have Right Now?

So why do you think you need to show up in the world as anyone else in the world other than you?  

What if you could just be you without having a point of view?

What if you could enjoy what you have decided is the ugliest part of your voice?  

Join host Eena Basur as she chats with Christopher Hughes as they chat about you having more allowance of you and your voice! 

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