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What if You Are the Gift the Earth is Asking For?

December 30, 2019

What if the planet doesn't require to be saved?  What if the point of view that the Earth needs to be saved is actually what is contributing to the Global Warming?  What if there was something else possible?  

Join Eena Basur, Carolyn Sinclair, and the amazing Tim Bothams as they have this brilliant conversation. 

Tim and Tanya Bothams offer a different perspective in the way we interact with the Earth and Nature. They have an ability to look at the land and see what is necessary to achieve balance and communion with the Earth. Their vision is to create a balance of living on the planet and to assist people to generate a different possibility for the Earth and living. You have a role to play - together, we are required to do something different. Tim and Tanya can share with you easy tools that will invite you to access your ability to be in communion with the Earth. Their vulnerable, gentle and caring approach with the Earth, will insight and inspire you to soften the way you live and listen to what nature is asking of you. You will never look at nature and the Earth the same way again.

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