The Art of Being Your Voice

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What’s Your Voice in Business?

Join Eena Basur & Marja Zupusek as they chat about your business and your voice in the world.  

What ease and joy can you have with your business when you realize that your business has a life & voice of it's own?  

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Being Comfortable with Uncomfortable

What if the uncomfortable was where your life actually began?  What if you could be comfortable in the spaces & places where you were uncomfortable?  

Join Eena Basur & Corinna Stoeffl as they chat about the different tools that they use to lean into the uncomfortable in their lives!  

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What are you Super Powers?

What are your super powers?  What if you are not normal?  And what if your capacities are the gift the planet requires?  

Join Eena Basur & Heather Nichols as they chat about what you think is your wrongness is actually your strongness!  

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What if it is NOT Yours?

What if we are more aware than we have ever acknowledged?  What if you none of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you have going on is NOT Yours?  

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What Competition?

What if competition wasn't real?  What if you got out of your head?  Competition is a joy, fun & happiness killer!  Your past is not relevant to today! 

Join Eena, Carolyn & Christopher as they chat about competition and creating a life without it! 


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Normal or Anomaly?

What if trying to fit you, the square peg into the round peg hole, was not required anymore?  What if being you, the anomaly walking was the gift that the world is searching for? 

Join Eena Basur & Carolyn Sinclair as they discuss the Right Voice for You tools and how they embraced being themselves. 

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Being the Difference You Be

What if the Difference you Be is what the world requires?  Join Eena Basur and Marlynn Bourque as they discuss what being the difference they are has created in there lives!  

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Does Making Others Happy Include You?

Join Eena Basur & Laleh Hancock as they share some Right Voice for You tools on how to include you and your happiness in your life!  

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Showing Up Without Apology

What if you could Be You without apology?  

What uniqueness are you that you have never acknowledged? 

Join Eena Basur & Huan Xu as they discuss how Right Voice for You contributes to showing up without apology. 

What if you were willing to go beyond judgment and choose what works for you? 

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Your Voice with Family

Is your family a place where you don't have your voice?  What if there was something else that was possible?  

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26-28 July, With Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer

Access Speciality Programs

Due to some of this months featured speakers unavailability the Actions for Futures Family call has been cancelled.  You can however join the the full year program or any of one of the other calls.  To find out more information head to: