The Art of Being Your Voice

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My Precious - What if you could receive everything?

Join Laleh Hancock as she discusses what tool she is not willing to give up! 

What if the barriers down, the walls down actually allows you to have more information and more awareness for you can generate and create the life that you desire?  

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My Precious - Barriers Down, Barriers Down

Join Marja Zapušek as she discusses how she lowers her barriers in every area of her life.  

Can you Be You, with your barriers up?  Listen in as Marja shares her tips and tricks about her 'Precious' tool!  

My Precious - What if your voice mattered in the world?

Join Fiona Cutts as she discusses how she went from the shyest person in the room to creating Right Voice for You classes all over the world!  

What of your voice mattered in the world?  What if everything that you said and everything that you BE mattered in the world?  

My Precious - Ease, Joy, & Glory

Join Carolyn Sinclair as she discusses the Access Consciousness Tool that creates more for her with everything in her life.  

What tool can you not live without?  What tool is your 'Precious'?  

What do you truly desire to create as your future?


Join Susanna Mittermaier as she discusses how she created the future that she truly desires!

What if judgment isn't real? How can you out create the judgments of those around you and step up, and step out into the world?


What if you do desire to step up and step out?


Join Sylvia Puentes as she chats with Eena Basur about how her life has changed from being a teacher and a Mom to travelling the global to facilitate Right Voice for You classes assisting people all over the world to having their voice in every area of their lives.  If you have any questions please send an email to 

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What is it that you truly desire your life and living to be like?


Join Yasodhara Romero Fernandes as she chats about what works for her in the creation of her life and living!  What if you started to get clear on what it is that you would like your life to look like?  Please send any questions to 

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Who, What, Where & When can you be asking questions?


Join Eena Basur and Beate Nimsky as they chat about what it is to be a leader, and how to stop judging yourself for not being a "good" or "bad" leader!  

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What if you celebrated what you do well?


Join Eena Basur and Christopher Hughes as they chat about Right Voice for You and the changes to the Podcast!  

We are taught from a young age to focus on what it is in our lives that we "need to fix".  What if we started focusing on what is actually right about us or the situation that we have created?  What if we actually started celebrating what we were doing well?  I wonder what would shift in our lives?  

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Is it a Disability or Capacity?


Suicide Awareness Month Join me and my guest Sonal Keswani, a doctor, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Right Voice for You Intro Facilitator. Even though what drove her to this system was the change that was available with bodies it became very evident to her very quickly that it could change any area of your life more dynamically than anything has helped change so far. The tools helped her change her ADD, ADHD, depression, social anxiety, constant mood swings, dysfunctional family relationships that came with being misunderstood and the inability to express herself and have her voice heard in the world. She started to see that all of her so called problems were just symptoms of hyper awareness of everyone else’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, bodied or disembodied. They were gifts and not really problems at all.

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