The Art of Being Your Voice

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Creation - Beyond Judgment

Join Eena Basur & Desiree Dumonde as they discuss what judgment creates in your life and what can be created in your life beyond Judgment!  

I wonder what your life would be like if you demanded that you create your life beyond Judgment?  

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Creation - Including the Future

Join Eena Basur and Julia Sotas as they discuss the 3 day Right Voice for You Class and Creation Including the Future!  

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Gifting what can be Received.

Join Sylvia Puentes and Eena Basur as they discuss Gifting what can be received.  This is a very different conversation as in this reality sharing is caring...What if everything is the opposite of what it appears to be?

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What if You Are the Gift the Earth is Asking For?

What if the planet doesn't require to be saved?  What if the point of view that the Earth needs to be saved is actually what is contributing to the Global Warming?  What if there was something else possible?  

Join Eena Basur, Carolyn Sinclair, and the amazing Tim Bothams as they have this brilliant conversation. 

Tim and Tanya Bothams offer a different perspective in the way we interact with the Earth and Nature. They have an ability to look at the land and see what is necessary to achieve balance and communion with the Earth. Their vision is to create a balance of living on the planet and to assist people to generate a different possibility for the Earth and living. You have a role to play - together, we are required to do something different. Tim and Tanya can share with you easy tools that will invite you to access your ability to be in communion with the Earth. Their vulnerable, gentle and caring approach with the Earth, will insight and inspire you to soften the way you live and listen to what nature is asking of you. You will never look at nature and the Earth the same way again.

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Are you Creating with or Against You?

Are you creating with or Against You?  Join Eena Basur and Yasodhara Romero Fernandes as they discuss creating a life where you are creating with everyone and everything and especially you!  Instead of fighting against everyone, everything and yourself?  

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Creating with Business

Join Eena & Laleh as they discuss listening to the voice of your business!  

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What’s Your Voice in Business?

Join Eena Basur & Marja Zupusek as they chat about your business and your voice in the world.  

What ease and joy can you have with your business when you realize that your business has a life & voice of it's own?  

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Being Comfortable with Uncomfortable

What if the uncomfortable was where your life actually began?  What if you could be comfortable in the spaces & places where you were uncomfortable?  

Join Eena Basur & Corinna Stoeffl as they chat about the different tools that they use to lean into the uncomfortable in their lives!  

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What are you Super Powers?

What are your super powers?  What if you are not normal?  And what if your capacities are the gift the planet requires?  

Join Eena Basur & Heather Nichols as they chat about what you think is your wrongness is actually your strongness!  

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What if it is NOT Yours?

What if we are more aware than we have ever acknowledged?  What if you none of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you have going on is NOT Yours?  

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